Civilian/Public Obedience Dog Training

We have been flooded with requests for civilian obedience training….so….we have decided to do it…! Slots are filling up fast and will be secondary to our police/government canine training.

Our Civilian Dog Training is done in the same exact manner we train our Police K-9s. We utilize our 30 years of experience by the block method of training. We train the owner AND their dog together, however, we demonstrate the current block training method to the dog and then marry up the dog and owner together until consistency is established.

At that point, the owner and dog return home after approximate 90 minutes of instruction, demonstration, and training with owner and dog together. Training at home should not be time consuming. We instruct our owners to only train with their dogs, mastering what they learned in each block, for 5 minutes, twice daily. Thereby putting the dog up wanting more, and also to ensure “Ending on a good note”.

The cost of each block session is $80.00, and again, typically takes approximately 90 min. We usually don’t see a return for the next block for about 1.5 months. Some blocks have a little more difficulty than others. When you are at the level of obedience that you dreamed for your dog, you can end at that block of training that you are happy with.

Please call us for further information @ 828-217-3955 or feel free to text us if we do not answer your phone call due to training.