About Us


Lt. Don Barber: Police Canine Handler with 28 consistent years experience. Lt. Don Barber has handled multiple police canines to include: K-9’s, “Spark”, “Del”, “Pia”, “Sherman”, and “Zane”. Prior to his career in Law Enforcement, he served as a Forward Observer and Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps in multiple line, special operational units, and naval amphibious assault ships. Lt. Barber also worked with AF-MWD K9 W-26 on patrol. He was deployed to Asia, Central America, and all around the Middle East. Barber also served in combat during Operations: Just Cause & Promote Liberty, Republic of Panama, and Operations: Desert Shield & Desert Storm throughout the Middle East.

Trainers~ having over 40 years total combined trainer/handling experience along with Trainers, Sgt. Derek Wright, Newport Police Department, April Hux, Ashley, and Nick. Bh obedience programs in tact for our green dogs as well as our puppies on deck.  We also have multiple training locations to include Businesses, Warehouses, Schools, Industrial Parks, and 10 acres of wooded and pastured property. The 10 acres will soon become the Police K-9 Explorer Program, a 30 run, indoor, heated & air, Kennel Facility.

Sgt. Derek Wright, K9 Handler, K9 Trainer: Sgt. Wright currently works with the Newport Police Department and the Parrotsville Police Department, Tennessee. While serving as a State of Tennessee Constable, Wright teamed up with one of Carolina Police Canines, K-9 “Pads”. Sgt. Wright is currently teamed up with K-9 Autumn with the Parrotsville Police Department. Derek is a lead trainer, and has been a lead certifying authority for the past 4 years.

April Hux, K9 Trainer: April Hux has been training Police K-9’s since 2017 at Carolina Police K-9, and resides in Newport, Tennessee. She has been thru thick and thin with Puppy Training and made sure that the breeding programs within our training division is 100%. Our female Vizsla even carried one of the first pups born straight to her. Puppy K9 “Dada” went home with her as soon as she was weaned. April also maintains K-9 “Autumn”, K-9 “Gigi”, and the two German Shepherds ready for sale soon, K-9 “Breeze” & K-9 “Demon”. Thankfully, she always brings her son, Camden to K9 Training, as he is definitely soon to be an awesome K9 Trainer himself one day soon. April is an invaluable asset to every division of Carolina Police K-9.

Ashley Mace, Puppy Trainer/Coordinator: Ashley has been working the new in-house breeding program of the Vizsla Puppies born 28 July 2020 since they hit the ground. Much of the puppies success in training would be credited to the play drive that Ashley and Nick have instilled in them. She has also been working closely with K-9 Trainers in the scent orientation of our driven Vizsla Pups. Ashley has also provided troubleshooting methods in which her suggestions have been paramount in the success of the training evolution.

Ashley has secured an Associate’s Degree from Western Piedmont and continues to work on her career in Nursing. She also attended the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and Appalachian State University.